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One day, Illiivat, a 14 year-old Inuk, decides on a whim to embark on a ship that is casting off. Northbound ships must return to their homeports in the south eventually.
Illiivat dreams of the unknown, new things and, most of all the south.

She manages to sneak aboard the ship without being caught. The roar of the engines comforts her, but after two days of hiding and hunger, she is discovered and the crew is very upset by her presence. A rebellious soul, she says she has nothing to lose and would prefer that they abandon her frozen on an island instead of taking her home. During the negotiations, Illiivat is surprised to learn that the ship will not be returning to the south anytime soon. On the contrary, it will travel even further north. Illiivat has embarked on a ship full of Arctic scientists!
The situation is suddenly much less exotic than she had imagined. This will be the adventure of a lifetime: she wants to stay on board.
After hours of discussion, we decide to contact her family and ask them if Illiivat can stay aboard.
She, who dreamed of freedom, is stuck on a boat that will criss-cross the Arctic Ocean for many months. But, between this option and returning home, there are no second thoughts.

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- Follow the story of Illiivat and test your knowledge! -




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Here you will find educational materials for teachers and students alike:
course materials, class experients, fun educational exercises; a complete kit for learning while having fun.

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Takuvik Team
Julie Sansoulet, Marcel Babin // Scientific coordination
Debra Christiansen Stowe // Translator
Jean-Jacques Pangrazi, Pierre Coupel // Photos
Arthur Leyrat, Isaline Jadoulle, Rachel Hussher, Julie Desriac // help with editing and creation

Another Kngfu hit
Ghassan Fayad // Producer
Chany Lagueux // Artistic Director
Colas Wohlfahrt // UX Designer
Elise Zamia // Project Manager
Corinne Lalande-Markon // Screenwriting of the educational activities
Jérôme Leveneur // Lead Developer
Drew Taylor // Backend Developer
Julián Rendón, Valérie Lefrançois // Integrators
Jack Betelak // Assistant UX Designer

Sharif Mirshak, Noé Sardet // Directors, editors
Sharif Mirshak, Noé Sardet, Jean Jacques Pangrazi // Cameramen
Paul Leverd // Assistant editor
Chany Lagueux // Artistic Director
Pierre-Étienne Ruel-Biron, Marilia Beltrame // Animators
Matt Schleck // Original Music